More Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my laptop to service Arise clients?

Yes. You can use your laptop to service Arise clients as long as your laptop meets the minimum computer requirements. Remember you may not use any wireless connections at any time to provide service with Arise and its clients. Your laptop must be hard-wired to a supported Internet connection.  Wireless keyboards and a wireless mouse are not supported.

What type of services will I be providing for CW Global Solutions and Arise clients?

Clients offer a wide variety of programs that you can certify your home business for. Client services are not limited to just taking or making calls, your business can also choose to provide email, chat or technical support to our Clients. Our inbound call types may include any or a combination of the following:  sales, customer service, chat and technical support.

How much money can I make in a partnership with CW Global Solutions LLC?

Depending on the amount of hours agents work and the clients agents contract with, some earn as much as $1,500.00 biweekly while others earn $500.00 biweekly. On average agents earn $10-$15 per hour. Some clients offer sales and incentive bonuses.      

What fees will I have to pay CW Global Solutions LLC to service under your corporation?

Our service fee is 10% per service period or $30.00 minimum.  Independent Contractors servicing under CW Globals Solutions LLC will receive revenue via electronic payments no later than the 15th and last day of each month.

Why does CW Global Solutions LLC charge a service fee?

CW Global Solutions LLC has to cover business management costs. Our low service fee allows us to provide you with support during all phases of your certification process and during the course of our ongoing working relationship, continuing education, accounting, revenue disbursement services and offers you the opportunity to service clients without having to incorporate.

Will I receive payment for the time I spend in the client certification courses?

Arise and CW Global Solutions LLC do not compensate for the time spent in client certification course as it considers that the knowledge obtained while attending the certification course will contribute in making your business successful. In some cases, certification bonuses are offered for Client Service Professionals that complete the certification course and service their selected client.